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Neighbor-joining (NJ) tree for the Waxy gene in Musa accessions.

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posted on 2013-11-18, 04:21 authored by Lin-Feng Li, Hua-Ying Wang, Cui Zhang, Xin-Feng Wang, Feng-Xue Shi, Wen-Na Chen, Xue-Jun Ge

Numbers are bootstrap percentages above 50%. Capital letters following each accession name indicate the previously-recognized genome composition of the cultivar. The appearance of an accession more than once represents distinct sequences cloned from the same cultivar. Color-coded names of accessions indicate the A (blue), S (red) and B (yellow) genomes of cultivated bananas and their wild relatives M. acuminata (black), M. schizocarpa (red) and M. balbisiana (black).


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