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Ndel1 interacts differentially with NF-L in tissues with regenerative capability.

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posted on 23.04.2008, 00:58 by Cory Toth, Su Yeon Shim, Jian Wang, Yulan Jiang, Gernot Neumayer, Camille Belzil, Wei-Qiao Liu, Jose Martinez, Douglas Zochodne, Minh Dang Nguyen

NF-L isoforms interact less with Ndel1 in the proximal (but not distal) segment, 65 hours post-injury. Note that NF-L is downregulated in both segments after injury. Immunoprecipitations were performed with Ndel1 antibodies. Experiment was repeated 3 times on 4 different sets of distant and proximal segments. All co-ips were perfomed with Ndel1 antibodies. Quantifications were standardized to levels of non-injured nerves ( = basal level = 1); * P (T


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