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NanoFCM allows identification of beads and liposomes down to 100 nm.

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posted on 2016-01-18, 15:12 authored by Kirsty M. Danielson, Jessica Estanislau, John Tigges, Vasilis Toxavidis, Virginia Camacho, Edward J. Felton, Joseph Khoory, Simion Kreimer, Alexander R. Ivanov, Pierre-Yves Mantel, Jennifer Jones, Praveen Akuthota, Saumya Das, Ionita Ghiran

Separation of a mixture containing 200 and 500 nm latex beads by LSRII (A), and NanoView (B) instruments show more distinct separation with the NanoView Instrument. The NanoView is capable of separating a mixture of 100–500 nm beads into distinct populations (C) and can detect 100 nm liposomes (D). The gating strategy for these experiments to determine instrument and background noise are described in the methods section.