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NMDA Induces Fictive Motor Activity in Spinalized and Reduced Larval Zebrafish.

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posted on 02.10.2014, 03:27 by Timothy D. Wiggin, Jack H. Peck, Mark A. Masino

(A) Schematic diagrams of Spinalized, Rostral-10, Rostral-5, Middle-10, Middle-5, and Caudal-5 preparations. Dark wedges indicate the sites of spinal transections, and gray bars above each larva indicate the spared spinal cord region used for recordings subsequent to transection. (B) Representative traces showing fictive motor activity in each of the experimental conditions below its respective schematic diagram. Bottom traces show the indicated region at a finer time scale. (C–D) Plots of burst frequency (C) and burst duration (D) in each experimental group. The bar labeled “S” is the spinalized group.