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NJ tree based on K2P distances from 91 COI sequences of Protura.

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posted on 2014-03-07, 02:58 authored by Monika Carol Resch, Julia Shrubovych, Daniela Bartel, Nikolaus U. Szucsich, Gerald Timelthaler, Yun Bu, Manfred Walzl, Günther Pass

Newly sequenced specimens labeled with lab code number (HP), abbreviation for genus, and species name. Color code for genera: Acerentomon = violet, Ionescuellum = green, Acerentulus = orange, Acerella = red, Eosentomon = blue; Austrian sample sites are coded with different icons: Leopoldsberg = square, Eichkogel = triangle, and Twimberger Graben = circle. Bootstrap support (given below nodes) derived from 5000 replicates. Maximally supported clusters and subclusters are indicated by black dots. Genus abbreviations: Aco = Acerentomon, Ion = Ionescuellum, Acu = Acerentulus, Ace = Acerella, and Eos = Eosentomon.