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NFYA1-RNAi lines are tolerant to salt stress during germination and postgermination growth.

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posted on 2013-04-24, 00:10 authored by Yan-Jie Li, Yi Fang, Ya-Ru Fu, Jin-Guang Huang, Chang-Ai Wu, Cheng-Chao Zheng

(A) Expression level of NFYA1 in NFYA1-RNAi lines assessed by qRT-PCR. Phenotype of wild type, NFYA1-RNAi lines and 35S::NFYA1 lines growing on MS medium supplemented with 0 mM (Control), 175 mM and 200 mM NaCl for 14 days under LD condition, and then weights of 25 seedlings were measured for each line (B). Three replicates were performed for each experiment. Samples with different letters are significantly different: P<0.01.