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NEM or SNP results in SOCE via sulfhydryl modification in PMA-activated neutrophils.

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posted on 2013-02-20, 14:08 authored by Leiting Pan, Xian Wu, Dan Zhao, Nason Ma’ani Hessari, Imshik Lee, Xinzheng Zhang, Jingjun Xu

(A) Representative tracing of [Ca2+]c elevation induced by 100 µM NEM in the presence of external Ca2+. (B) Representative tracings of 500 µM NEM inhibitory effect on [Ca2+]c change caused by SNP (500 µM) within Ca2+-containing medium. (C) Typical tracings of [Ca2+]c responses for PMA-activated neutrophils to 100 µM NEM or 500 µM SNP stimulation in Ca2+-free buffer. (D, E), [Ca2+]c of PMA-pretreated neutrophils was triggered with NEM (100 µM) within Ca2+-free HBSS followed by readdition of 1 mM external Ca2+. (F) 1 mM external calcium was added to Ca2+-free PMA-activated neutrophils before application of stimulation, followed by addition of 100 µM NEM.