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NCe treatment potentiates the endothelial apoptosis of ovarian tumor in vivo.

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posted on 2013-01-31, 02:13 authored by Shailendra Giri, Ajay Karakoti, Rondell P. Graham, Jacie L. Maguire, Christopher M. Reilly, Sudipta Seal, Ramandeep Rattan, Viji Shridhar

Double of staining CD31 and TUNEL was performed as described in Methods. First panel depicts CD31-FITC labeled endothelial cells as part of a microvessel (red, x400). Second panel depicts the same microvessel stained positive for apoptotic marker TUNEL labeled with FITC (green, x400). Third panel shows blue nuclei stained with DAPI (x400), indicating presence of tumor cells. The last panel shows merged image of all first three panels. The microvessel appears yellowish due to co-localization of CD31 and TUNEL in NCe treated tumor section.


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