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MyD88 signaling in IEC is not required for protection against C. rodentium infection.

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posted on 2013-08-08, 03:28 authored by Ho Pan Sham, Emily Yi Shan Yu, Muhammet F. Gulen, Ganive Bhinder, Martin Stahl, Justin M. Chan, Lara Brewster, Vijay Morampudi, Deanna L. Gibson, Michael R. Hughes, Kelly M. McNagny, Xiaoxia Li, Bruce A. Vallance

Myd88 −/−, Myd88 flox and IEC-Myd88 −/− mice were infected for 6 days with C. rodentium. Infected IEC-Myd88 −/− mice carried similar (A) pathogen burdens, (B) levels of serum FD4, and (C–D) similar mucosal damage as Myd88 flox mice. Moreover all of these readouts are significantly greater in Myd88 −/− mice, as compared to Myd88 flox and IEC-Myd88 −/− mice. Pathogen counts represent mucosal associated bacteria. Results are pooled from 2 independent infections with n = 3–4 mice per group. Error bars = SEM, (Student t test *P<0.05, ** P<0.01). Images were taken at 200× magnification.