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Multiple OTX2-binding peaks with MYC binding is associated with high gene expression.

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posted on 10.10.2011, 02:01 by Jens Bunt, Nancy E. Hasselt, Danny A. Zwijnenburg, Jan Koster, Rogier Versteeg, Marcel Kool

A and B. OTX2-bound promoter regions are classified by single or multiple OTX2-binding peaks with or without additional MYC-binding. For each of these promoter classes the percentage of bound promoter regions was calculated in different expression categories using either expression data from D425 cells (A) or expression data from 10 primary medulloblastoma tumors that have both OTX2 and MYC expression (B). Promoter regions with multiple OTX2-binding peaks and MYC binding were clearly enriched among the gene categories that show higher gene expression both in D425 cells and in tumors. C. Genes within the promoter class with multiple OTX2-binding peaks and MYC binding showed significantly higher expression levels in D425 cells, primary medulloblastoma tumors and human neural embryonic stem cells as compared to genes in other classes (minimal p<1.00E-7, T-test). This difference was not observed using expression data of normal cerebellum.