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Multifunctional CD8+ TEM responses to S. Typhi-infected autologous B-LCL.

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posted on 05.06.2012, 02:23 by Monica A. McArthur, Marcelo B. Sztein

A) Scatter plot showing all combinations of the 6 cytokines/chemokines measured that were positive at one or more time points for representative volunteer 53 s. Increases of >0.5% positive cells over uninfected targets were statistically significant (P<0.01). Each point represents a single time-point and the median value is denoted by a horizontal bar. The cyokine/chemokine combinations with the top 5 median values are indicated by red rectangles. Median values of the subsets of multifunctional cells that show a significant difference (**P<0.01), when compared to the subsets without asterisks, are indicated. B) Kinetics of the top 5 populations (as determined by median value) over time.