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Mosquitoes Inoculate High Doses of WNV In Vivo under Various Experimental Conditions

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posted on 2007-09-14, 01:34 authored by Linda M Styer, Kim A Kent, Rebecca G Albright, Corey J Bennett, Laura D Kramer, Kristen A Bernard

(A) WNV doses inoculated extravascularly by mosquitoes. x-Axis labels indicate mosquito infection method (Inoc = intrathoracic inoculation, Oral = orally infected), mosquito species (Tar = Cx. tarsalis, Pip = Cx. pipiens, Jap = Ae. japonicus, Tri = Ae. triseriatus), and tissue in which the mosquito probed or fed in (Tail = mouse tail, Ear = mouse ear, Toe = chick toe). Limit of detection (LOD) of plaque assay is shown.

(B) Same data as in (A) but pooled by tissue type, mosquito species, and infection method. Within each larger grouping (tissue type, mosquito species, or infection method), groups designated with different lower case letters (above graph) are significantly different from one another (p < 0.05 by Mann-Whitney or Kruskal-Wallis tests). Solid line shows mean titer, and dashed line shows median titer, for each group.


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