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Morphology of different stages during plant organogenesis in Acacia crassicarpa.

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posted on 09.04.2014, 03:41 by Weina Liu, Wangning Yu, Lingyu Hou, Xiaoyu Wang, Fei Zheng, Weixuan Wang, Di Liang, Hailun Yang, Yi Jin, Xiangming Xie

S1: Zygotic embryo, excised from the mature seeds. S2: Zygotic embryo differentiated, after two weeks subculture. S3: Embryogenic callus, after three weeks subculture. S4: Shoot buds, after four weeks subculture. S5: Clusters of adventitious shoots, after 5 weeks subculture. S6: Adventitious shoot elongation. S1–S4 were cultured on MS medium containing 4.54 μM TDZ and 2.85 μM IAA, observed using an Leica stereomicroscope. S5–S6 were cultured on MS medium supplemented with 2.89 μM GA3.