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Morphology of H+/K+ ATPase-positive cells from preterm infants, freshly isolated and in primary cultures.

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posted on 18.10.2011, 00:44 by Bertrand Kaeffer, Arnaud Legrand, Thomas Moyon, Anne Frondas-Chauty, Hélène Billard, Omar Guzman-Quevedo, Dominique Darmaun, Jean-Christophe Rozé

A. B. Typical freshly isolated exfoliated cells from Day-5 to Day-36. C. Epithelial cell adherent to external wall of nasogastric tube. D. Samples obtained before Day-5 were mostly made up of cellular aggregates showing damaged nuclei (left insert). Later, all preparations contained epithelial cells showing quiescent nuclei (right insert). E. Pouf5-F1-Oct-4 positive and negative cells at inoculation for primary culture (center panel), nuclei are shown on left panel and nuclei inside cytoplasm shown on right panel. F. A colony of growing epithelial cells harboring Pouf5-F1-Oct-4 biomarker of progenitor status (center panel). Nuclei inside cytoplasm shown on left panel and nuclei staining by Hoechst on right panel. White bars stand for 10 µm.


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