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Monocytes and neutrophils are the 2 populations infiltrating the intestinal muscularis after Intestinal Manipulation.

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posted on 10.07.2014, 03:07 authored by Léa M. M. Costes, Jan van der Vliet, Giovanna Farro, Gianluca Matteoli, Sjoerd H. W. van Bree, Brenda J. Olivier, Martijn A. Nolte, Guy E. Boeckxstaens, Cathy Cailotto

(A) Both monocytes (CD11b+Ly6G–) and neutrophils (CD11b+Ly6G+) numbers are increased in the small intestine muscularis but not the colonic muscularis 24 h after Intestinal Manipulation. (B) No influx of CD4+ T cells is observed in the muscularis of the small intestine or the colon 24 h after Intestinal Manipulation. All populations were gated from CD45+ population. Data shown are mean ± SEM of 4–5 animals per group. ***p<0.001 (Student t-test).