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Molecular surface representations of the CMV virion.

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posted on 2013-02-19, 18:20 authored by Ákos Gellért, Katalin Salánki, Kata Tombácz, Tamás Tuboly, Ervin Balázs

The whole molecular surface is colored in gray (A). External coat protein loops are colored as follows (B): loop 1 (76–83 aa) is green, loop 2 (113–118 aa) is red, loop 3 (129–136 aa) is blue, loop 4 (156–163 aa) is magenta and loop 5 (193–199 aa) is yellow. The PCV2 epitope insertion points are indicated in panel C. Ser 131 and 132 are represented as orange beads. Panel D is the superposition of B on C.


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