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Modulation of mRNA and protein levels of Nrf2 target genes in reconstructed skin exposed to DUVR.

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posted on 2010-08-10, 01:50 authored by Claire Marionnet, Cécile Pierrard, François Lejeune, Juliette Sok, Marie Thomas, Françoise Bernerd

(a): 2 and 6 hours after DUVR exposure (7 or 13 J/cm2), mRNA levels of HO-1, TXNR, NQO1, γ GCS-L and γ GCS-H were quantified by QPCR in fibroblasts (F) and keratinocytes (K). Each histogram bar shows the mean value ± standard error of mean (SEM) of normalized mRNA amount (n = 3). mRNA amount in sham-exposed samples was adjusted to the 1 value. Indicated values correspond to significant modulations (*, p<0.05). (b): 6 and 24 hours after 7 J/cm2 DUVR, HO-1 and TXNR protein levels, respectively present in whole cell and cytosolic extracts, were determined by western blot in fibroblasts (F) and keratinocytes (K) of reconstructed skin. GAPDH levels were used to normalize data. Positive control: normal human melanocytes treated with 20 µM forskolin.