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Modulation of cell cycle progression by miR-27a and sFRP1.

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posted on 2014-03-13, 08:37 authored by Donggeng Guo, Qiuxia Li, Qing Lv, Qiujing Wei, Shuangyan Cao, Jieruo Gu

HFOBs were plated in 6-well microplates (2.6×105 cells/well) and incubated in the non-differentiation medium at 33.4°C for 24 h to 75% confluence. hFOBs were then transfected with the miR-27a inhibitor (100 nM) (A), siRNA sFRP1 (100 nM) (B) or both (C), or the matched control (at the same concentration). The percentage of cells in each phase of the cell cycle was determined by FACS analysis, as described in the materials and methods, at 48 h after transfection. N = 6 for each group. The values represent the mean ± SD. **p<0.01.