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Model stability vs. the proportion of predator diet comprised of top-down controlled prey species.

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posted on 2011-12-27, 02:41 authored by Kristin N. Marshall, Timothy E. Essington

(A) Total predator consumption is held constant, so that the equilibrium consumption of predators on each prey species is variable. Predator consumption is modeled with a saturating functional response. (B) Same as A, but the parameters of each prey species production function is adjusted so that interaction strengths are held constant. Satiation is modeled as a non-saturating functional response. (C) Same as B, but with a saturating functional response. Model parameters: m = 0.2; µ = 0.1; C1 + C2 = 0.2; Cmax (if used) = 0.8; P* = 1, lines are as defined in Figure 1 A and B.


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