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Model predictions using different branching patterns.

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posted on 18.02.2013, 02:14 by Leena Nieminen, Steven Webb, Margaret C. M. Smith, Paul A. Hoskisson

Three different branching patterns for less frequent (I), standard (II) and frequent (III) branching affect the HGU (A) and the area of the antibiotic producing cells (B) at the end of log phase. Regression lines utilized to determine the HGU and the time of maximum succesful branching (C and D respectively) based on average tip velocities of 2.5 μm/h (−60%), 4.4 μm/h (−30%), 6.3 μm/h (±0), 8.2 μm/h (+30%), 10 μm/h (+60%) and 12.6 μm/h (+100%).