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Model of attachment of S. epidermidis to an implanted DL.

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posted on 01.05.2009 by Carlos Arrecubieta, Faustino A. Toba, Manuel von Bayern, Hirokazu Akashi, Mario C. Deng, Yoshifumi Naka, Franklin D. Lowy

A model illustrating the potential role of SdrF in S. epidermidis colonization and infection of a transcutaneous driveline (DL). SdrF mediates the initial attachment of S. epidermidis found colonizing the skin to Dacron fibers. Bacteria cross the transcutaneous site (TC) and adhere via the SdrF B domain to collagen fibers (Cn) deposited on the internal DL surface, leading to subsequent biofilm (BF) formation, colonization, and potential infection.