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Model-based estimates of brucellosis seroprevalence among adult female elk as a function of elk density at the hunt area scale.

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posted on 23.04.2010, 00:47 by Paul C. Cross, Dennis M. Heisey, Brandon M. Scurlock, William H. Edwards, Michael R. Ebinger, Angela Brennan

The estimates for 1991 (A), 2009 (B) and the temporal trend (C) were based on the means of the predictive posterior distributions for Model 1 and were standardized by assuming all samples were from research captures. In (C), the temporal trend is on the logit scale, whereby {lower case alpha}j is the change in the log-odds of being test-positive in site j associated with a one-year increase in time. The wide and thin lines refer to the 50 and 95% credibility intervals, respectively. Red solid circles represent regions that contained supplemental elk feeding grounds. Regions without feeding grounds are represented by blue open circles.


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