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Minimum spanning tree of 295 pig MRSA isolates typed by MLVA.

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posted on 2013-02-21, 06:20 authored by Leo M. Schouls, Emile C. Spalburg, Martijn van Luit, Xander W. Huijsdens, Gerlinde N. Pluister, Marga G. van Santen-Verheuvel, Han G. J. van der Heide, Hajo Grundmann, Max E. O. C. Heck, Albert J. de Neeling

Each circle represents an MLVA type. The orange circles or sectors of circles denote types obtained from 195 pig MRSA strains isolated from humans. The MLVA profiles of 100 pig MRSA strains isolated from pigs are indicated in light blue. The numbers in the circles denote the SpaTypes and their frequency within the 2 dominant MLVA types.