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Minimal vascular pulmonary remodeling after MCT.

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posted on 05.08.2011 by Francesca Seta, Mahboubeh Rahmani, Patricia V. Turner, Colin D. Funk

A. Representative images 400x indicating only mild thickening of pulmonary arterioles from WT and COX-2 KD mice after MCT compared to saline. Lower panels are representative of WT and COX-2 KD MCT-treated mice that required euthanasia. Sections were stained with H&E. Lungs from 38 mice were evaluated microscopically with 2 lung sections/mouse, as follows: WT/saline, n = 6; COX-2 KD saline, n = 6; WT/MCT, n = 14; COX-2 KD/MCT, n = 12. B. Representative photomicrographs at 200x (a, c) of lung sections from a COX-2 KD MCT-treated mouse showing pulmonary mild perivascular edema with neutrophil infiltration in small arterioles. Boxed areas from a and c are shown at 400x in b and d.