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Migrations from the parental birthplace to the offspring birthplace.

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posted on 2015-03-03, 02:42 authored by Abdel Abdellaoui, Jouke-Jan Hottenga, Gonneke Willemsen, Meike Bartels, Toos van Beijsterveldt, Erik A. Ehli, Gareth E. Davies, Andrew Brooks, Patrick F. Sullivan, Brenda W. J. H. Penninx, Eco J. de Geus, Dorret I. Boomsma

The average distance the colors are based on are: father: 28.47 km (SD = 44.45); mother: 30.16 km (SD = 44.45). The difference between the moving distance of fathers with a Secondary Education and fathers with a Tertiary Education is best suited to visualize the effect because of the almost equal sample sizes with respect to individuals plotted (i.e., moved) and the significant increase of moving distance (see Table 1); also note that fathers with Secondary Education have >25% measurements in total, which is another indicator of the difference in migration levels.