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Migration of mt-PAGFP out of the photoactivation region of muscle fibers.

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posted on 06.12.2013, 03:31 by Guo Luo, Jianxun Yi, Changling Ma, Yajuan Xiao, Frank Yi, Tian Yu, Jingsong Zhou

Representative images of normal (control) (A) and G93A muscle fibers (B). The first image was taken 2 min after the photoactivation because it took a couple of minutes to reconfigure the confocal microscope system to conduct the simultaneous scan. The photoactivation region inside the fiber was marked with the box (white dashed line). Bar: 10 µm. (C) is the time course of mt-PAGFP migration. The linear regression was used to fit the data to evaluate the migration rate. Solid lines are the linear regression of the data after 2 minutes of the photoactivation. By assuming the migration step is zero at time zero, the linear regression was applied to determine the migration rate during the first 2 min (dashed line). The migration rates are listed in Table 1. (P<0.01).


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