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Migration of mt-PAGFP out of the photoactivation region of muscle fibers.

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posted on 06.12.2013, 03:31 authored by Guo Luo, Jianxun Yi, Changling Ma, Yajuan Xiao, Frank Yi, Tian Yu, Jingsong Zhou

Representative images of normal (control) (A) and G93A muscle fibers (B). The first image was taken 2 min after the photoactivation because it took a couple of minutes to reconfigure the confocal microscope system to conduct the simultaneous scan. The photoactivation region inside the fiber was marked with the box (white dashed line). Bar: 10 µm. (C) is the time course of mt-PAGFP migration. The linear regression was used to fit the data to evaluate the migration rate. Solid lines are the linear regression of the data after 2 minutes of the photoactivation. By assuming the migration step is zero at time zero, the linear regression was applied to determine the migration rate during the first 2 min (dashed line). The migration rates are listed in Table 1. (P<0.01).


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