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Microarray analysis of mutant and wildtype hypertrophic zones.

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posted on 15.09.2015, 03:14 by Trevor L. Cameron, Katrina M. Bell, Irma L. Gresshoff, Lisa Sampurno, Lorna Mullan, Joerg Ermann, Laurie H. Glimcher, Raymond P. Boot-Handford, John F. Bateman

(A) Venn diagram depicting the relationship between probes indicating differential gene expression (fold difference ≥ 2.0, adjusted p value ≤ 0.01) following comparisons of C/X versus wildtype (Wt) (blue), Xbp1CartΔEx2 versus Wt (yellow), and ColXN617K versus Wt (red), by whole genome microarray analysis of hypertrophic zone aRNA. (B-D) Ontological analysis of (B) all probes in cohort i in (A), or those showing (C) up-regulation or (D) down-regulation, by Functional Annotation Clustering, using DAVID v6.7 software, and depicting representative gene ontology terms from each annotation cluster achieving an enrichment score (ES) ≥ 1.3.