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Microarray analysis.

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posted on 20.01.2014, 03:05 by África Millán-Uclés, Blanca Díaz-Castro, Paula García-Flores, Alicia Báez, José Antonio Pérez-Simón, José López-Barneo, José I. Piruat

A. SdhD mRNA levels in heterozygous (+/−) and SDHD-ESR adrenal medulla and kidney relative to wild-type (+/+) tissues 7 days after the start of the tamoxifen treatment, as obtained from the corresponding microarray feature (Gene Bank accession n° NM_025848). *, P≤0.05; ***, P≤0.001. The number of samples is 8 per group. B. Supervised hierarchical clustering of adrenal medulla (AM) and kidney samples based on genes that showed significant differences in their expression level. The heatmap and the hierarchical tree are shown for 8 samples, grouped in pairs, per genotype.