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MicroRNA Expression in Stepwise Processed Plasma Samples Using qRT-PCR Profiling.

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posted on 07.06.2013 by Heather H. Cheng, Hye Son Yi, Yeonju Kim, Evan M. Kroh, Jason W. Chien, Keith D. Eaton, Marc T. Goodman, Jonathan F. Tait, Muneesh Tewari, Colin C. Pritchard

(A) Heat map of relative expression (in CTs) of 282 detected miRNAs assayed in parallel using the Exiqon qRT-PCR array. Colors represent the greatest relative expression differences across the 5 different processing conditions for each individual miRNA. The processing condition(s) with the highest relative expression is shown in red and lowest in green for each miRNA. miRNAs are arranged left to right in order of decreasing difference between CTs across all 5 samples. Selected miRNAs are highlighted above. Ranges of average fold-differences are indicated along the bottom, where fold-differences are calculated as = 2(ΔCT). (B) Validation of selected miRNAs by individual qRT-PCR assay. MicroRNAs are arranged in order of decreasing range between highest and lowest fold difference. Numbers in each box represent the normalized CT difference from the mean of all CT values for each miRNA evaluated in sample type. Color schema follows panel A. Average miRNA expression fold-differences between PlasmaRICH vs. PlasmaPOOR, PlasmaSTD vs. PlasmaFILT, and Plasma POOR vs. PlasmaFILT is indicated in the bottom rows. Fold-differences are calculated as = 2(ΔCT).