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Mice survival after infection with 102 RH tachyzoites of T.

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posted on 2013-10-16, 04:16 authored by Bo Huang, Shiguang Huang, Ying Chen, Huanqin Zheng, Jilong Shen, Zhao-Rong Lun, Yong Wang, Lloyd H. Kasper, Fangli Lu


Survival of naïve mice treated with PBS (open square, n=8); uninfected mice treated with C48/80 (dash, n=8); uninfected mice treated with DSCG (open upright triangle, n=8); T. gondii-infected control mice (filled square, n=7), T. gondii-infected mice with C48/80 treatment (asterisk, n=9), and T. gondii-infected mice with DSCG treatment (filled upright triangle, n=8). The mice were monitored for survival on a daily basis until the termination of the experiment.


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