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Metagenomic Analysis of Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Dairy Cow Feces following Therapeutic Administration of Third Generation Cephalosporin - Fig 1

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posted on 10.08.2015, 03:17 by Lindsey Chambers, Ying Yang, Heather Littier, Partha Ray, Tong Zhang, Amy Pruden, Michael Strickland, Katharine Knowlton

A) Abundance of antibiotic resistance gene (ARG)-like sequences in fecal samples collected from control (n = 3) and ceftiofur crystalline free acid treated (n = 3) cows on 3 post-treatment. Day 0 (pre-treatment) samples were used as a covariate. Values are expressed as a proportion of the total sample sequences (x 10−6). There was no effect of antibiotic treatment on the abundance of ARG-like sequences as a proportion of total sample sequences. B) Breakdown of ARG classes as a % of total ARG-like sequences for ceftiofur-treated cows (n = 3) on day 3 post-treatment. The tetracycline ARG class comprised the majority of detected ARGs at 75% of the total ARG-like sequences.