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Mechanisms of D1/D5 receptor-facilitated induction of subicular LTP.

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posted on 2013-04-23, 02:36 authored by Elisabeth Roggenhofer, Pawel Fidzinski, Oded Shor, Joachim Behr

a) HFS-induced, D1/D5 receptor-dependent LTP was blocked by the D1/D5 receptor antagonist SCH 23390 (0.97±0.05, n = 5). b) The NMDA receptor antagonist D-APV significantly reduced HFS-induced, D1/D5 receptor-dependent LTP (1.11±0.04, p<0.05, n = 5). c) PKA inhibitor H-89 blocked D1/D5 receptor-facilitated LTP (1.05±0.06, n = 5). d) Summary of changes in synaptic strength as illustrated in a–c. One-way ANOVA revealed a significant difference between the group of SKF 38393-mediated LTP and all other groups of pharmacological intervention by comparison within last 10 minutes of recordings.