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Measurement model of the White Matter Factor (WMF).

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posted on 03.11.2015, 04:09 by Mollie A. Monnig, Ronald A. Yeo, J. Scott Tonigan, Barbara S. McCrady, Robert J. Thoma, Amithrupa Sabbineni, Kent E. Hutchison

In all diagrams, the circle signifies the latent variable and squares represent observed variables. Arrows from the latent factor to indicators are factor loadings. In this model, standardized factor loadings can be interpreted as the correlation between the indicator and the latent factor [24]. Arrows drawn to the right of indicators represent error variance, i.e., variance that is unique to the indicator and is not accounted for by the latent variable. Arrows drawn between error variances are correlated errors of measurement, which can arise from source or method effects. Numbers in parentheses are standardized errors. Abbreviations: BCC = body of corpus callosum; CGL = cingulate gyrus, left; CGR = cingulate gyrus, right; ECL = external capsule, left; ECR = external capsule, right; FNX = fornix; SLFL = superior longitudinal fasciculus, left; SLFR = superior longitudinal fasciculus, right.