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Mean testosterone concentration (pg/mL) of plasma samples (n = 96) collected from immature and putative adult green sea turtles (n = 69) captured in San Diego Bay, CA.

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posted on 2015-10-14, 04:17 authored by Camryn D. Allen, Michelle N. Robbins, Tomoharu Eguchi, David W. Owens, Anne B. Meylan, Peter A. Meylan, Nicholas M. Kellar, Jeffrey A. Schwenter, Hendrik H. Nollens, Robin A. LeRoux, Peter H. Dutton, Jeffrey A. Seminoff

Maturity was based on straight carapace length (> 90 cm) and sex was determined by testosterone levels and validated where possible by tail length, turtle size, and testosterone concentration upon future captures of the same individuals. Note: some turtles were recaptured and are represented by multiple data points