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Maximum parsimony tree of concatenated housekeeping alleles.

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posted on 2010-07-23, 02:38 authored by David J. McMillan, Debra E. Bessen, Marcos Pinho, Candace Ford, Gerod S. Hall, José Melo-Cristino, Mário Ramirez

The housekeeping alleles for each of the 80 STs for SDSE were concatenated (3,134 nt positions), and a maximum parsimony tree was constructed. The radial, unrooted phylogenetic tree is shown. Bootstrap values (500 replicates) showing branch support equal or greater than 80% are indicated; bootstrap analysis used a heuristic search and the 50% majority-rule consensus tree is presented. STs representing GCS and GGS are depicted in red and blue, respectively; the single group L isolate (ST1) is depicted in green. CCs having three or more STs are indicated. Characters: 2937 are constant, 56 variable characters are parsimony-uninformative, 141 are parsimony-informative. Consistency index (CI)  =  0.3350; CI excluding uninformative characters  =  0.2669; retention index (RI)  =  0.7926.