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Maximum-likelihood tree with local clock of the RPB2 homologs.

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posted on 2015-09-09, 03:15 authored by Qiming Mei, Volodymyr Dvornyk

Maximum-likelihood probabilities and Bayesian posteriors of the node support below 0.5 are not shown. The values are the likelihoods and posteriors respectively. The internal calibration points (CP1-CP6): CP1 corresponds to the origin of eutherians (113–95.3 Mya); CP2 is the divergence of birds and crocodile (250.4–235 Mya); CP3 is the split of the ray-finned fishes and tetrapods (421.75–416.1 Mya) and CP4 corresponded to the divergence of flies and mosquitos (295.4–238.5 Mya). CP5 estimated the origin time of Angiospermae (179–158 Mya) [48,87]. CP6 is the origin of Ascomycota about 500–650 Mya [49]. In addition, time of five evolutionary events were estimated (Node11-5). Time estimates was showed in Table 3.