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Mast cells modulate pro-inflammatory cytokine mRNA expression in inflamed cecal tissues.

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posted on 20.02.2013 by Maciej Chichlowski, Greg S. Westwood, Soman N. Abraham, Laura P. Hale

Cytokine mRNA expression in cecal tissue of mice of the indicated genotypes harvested after 5 weeks of infection with H. rodentium and H. typhlonius was measured by real-time PCR, normalized to β-actin and expressed as fold-induction relative to non-infected cecal tissue of the same genotype. Bars represent 5–6 mice per genotype. * indicates p<0.05 compared to Il10−/− mice. Infected DKO mice have increased expression of Th1 cytokines (TNF, IFN-γ) and a trend towards increased Th2 (IL-4) and Th17-inducing cytokines (IL-12/23p40) compared with mast cell-sufficient Il10−/− mice.