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Mass spectrometric IgG1 Fc-glycosylation profiles of A) IVIg and B) IVIg-SA (+).

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posted on 23.06.2011, 00:48 by Theresa Guhr, Judith Bloem, Ninotska I. L. Derksen, Manfred Wuhrer, Anky H. L. Koenderman, Rob C. Aalberse, Theo Rispens

A) IVIg and B) IVIg-SA (+) were subjected to tryptic cleavage and analyzed by nanoLC-ESI-ion trap-mass spectrometry. Sum mass spectra of the elution range of the IgG1 Fc-glycopeptides are shown. Glycopeptides were registered as proton adducts ([M+4H]4+). All the displayed glycopeptides have 1 missed tryptic cleavage site and share the peptide moiety T289KPREEQFNSTFR301 carrying a glycan at N297. *, contaminant or irrelevant peak.