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Mapping of a subset of differentially expressed proteins in pFF+ versus pFF- samples on the coagulation system pathway.

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posted on 16.10.2013, 03:25 by Valeria Severino, Livia Malorni, Anna Emilia Cicatiello, Vittoria D’Esposito, Salvatore Longobardi, Nicola Colacurci, Nadia Miraglia, Nicola Sannolo, Annarita Farina, Angela Chambery

According to IPA categorization, up-regulated proteins are coloured in red. The assessment of significantly enriched processes networks for differentially expressed proteins was performed by evaluating the probability of a random intersection between the differentially expressed proteins with functional processes by applying the hypergeometric test. The pathway components identified by the algorithm or with no significant differences in their expression levels are reported in white and blue, respectively. Molecules are named according to IPA software.