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Map of the 12 study locations (North Pole Azimuthal projection), showing the spatial distribution of functional groups.

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posted on 22.04.2015 by Crystal M. Ernst, Christopher M. Buddle

FGs were pooled into trophic groups, and the pie charts show the proportion of the total site biomass represented by each trophic group: carnivore (black), herbivore (white), omnivore (grey) and detritivore (diagonal lines). Pie chart sizes are graduated according to the proportion of the entire study’s beetles collected at that site. High arctic sites: HAZ (Lake Hazen, NU); BAN (Banks Island, NWT); CAM (Cambridge Bay, NU); IQA (Iqaluit, NU). Subarctic sites: KUG (Kugluktuk, NU); TOM (Tombstone Mtns., YT); CHU (Churchill, MB); SCH (Schefferville, QC). North boreal sites: NOR (Norman Wells, NWT); YEL (Yellowknife, NWT); GOB (Goose Bay, NFLD); MOO (Moosonee, ON).