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Manhattan plots of GWAS results.

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posted on 2015-11-05, 02:52 authored by William E. Kraus, Deborah M. Muoio, Robert Stevens, Damian Craig, James R. Bain, Elizabeth Grass, Carol Haynes, Lydia Kwee, Xuejun Qin, Dorothy H. Slentz, Deidre Krupp, Michael Muehlbauer, Elizabeth R. Hauser, Simon G. Gregory, Christopher B. Newgard, Svati H. Shah

Displayed are Manhattan plots of the association results for GWAS (discovery cohort, whites only) with (A) factor 1 additive model, (B) factor 1 dominant model, (C) factor 2 additive model, (D) factor 2 dominant model, (E) factor 3 additive model and (F) factor 3 dominant model.