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Macrophage invasion into the aortic arch intimal layer at 12 and 24 weeks of infection.

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posted on 16.05.2014, 02:52 by Irina M. Velsko, Sasanka S. Chukkapalli, Mercedes F. Rivera, Ju-Youn Lee, Hao Chen, Donghang Zheng, Indraneel Bhattacharyya, Pandu R. Gangula, Alexandra R. Lucas, Lakshmyya Kesavalu

Macrophage cell counts are significantly increased at 12 weeks follow up. (A), Immunohistochemical staining of aortic arterial cross sections demonstrate F4/80+ macrophage cells in 12-week-infected mouse and 12-week control mouse. White arrow heads indicate positively-stained cells. (B), Macrophage cell counts for each mouse represent counts in three high-power fields (100X) in the 12 and 24 week groups (***P<0.001). N = 6 for all groups.