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Macromorphology of secondary pollen presenter in closed and open flower.

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posted on 07.05.2014, 03:38 by Patricia M. Tilney, Abraham E. van Wyk, Chris F. van der Merwe

(A) Stereomicrograph of flower bud with the inferior ovary (o) and corolla (c) with some attached stamens cut away longitudinally to show the still-closed, dorsifixed anthers (a) at the same level as, and closely appressed to, the surface of the secondary pollen presenter (p) which terminates the style (s). The stigmatic surface is initially covered by the upper sterile portion of the anthers. The calyx lobes (ca) are relatively short. A prominent fringe of mainly downwardly directed hairs (h) lines the corolla tube. (B) Stereomicrograph of flower shortly after anthesis to show the spreading corolla lobes and pollen presenter carrying the pollen (yellow) above the rest of the flower (labels as in A). Shortly before anthesis, while still in bud, the anthers dehisce introrsely to release the pollen which adheres particularly to shallow longitudinal grooves in the pollen presenter. Some of the fringing hairs are directed upwards and protrude from the mouth of the corolla tube.