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MPT for the HCV NS5B region sequence obtained from HIV/HCV co-infected patients in Henan.

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posted on 2012-11-30, 00:40 authored by Di Tian, Lin Li, Yongjian Liu, Hanping Li, Xiaoyuan Xu, Jingyun Li

The sequences correspond to nucleotides 8343-9226 in HCV H77 genome (NC_004102). This dataset included sequences from 159 HCV specimens. The dataset had an aligned length of 884 characters in the dataset, of which, 335 characters are constant, 43 are variable and parsimony-uninformative, and 506 are parsimony-informative. Maximum Parsimony analysis yielded 88 equally parsimonious trees (TL  = 1945, CI  = 0.276, RI  = 0.859, RC  = 0.237, HI  = 0.724). Parsimony bootstrap proportions higher than 70% were indicated along branches. The HIV transmission route for each patient is listed opposite each sequence: FBDs (•); transfusion exposure (○), sexual contact (★), IDUs (☆), perinatal exposure (▴), unknown infection route (▪). See Figure 1 for reference sequences naming details.