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MHC-I cell surface-to-lysosome trafficking in DCs is impaired by mutation in the cytoplasmic tyrosine residue.

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posted on 19.09.2008, 00:31 by Genc Basha, Gregory Lizée, Anna T. Reinicke, Robyn P. Seipp, Kyla D. Omilusik, Wilfred A. Jefferies

(A to D) Splenic DCs isolated from KbWT, and Δ7 and ΔY transgenic mice were mounted on coverslips, labeled with FITC-conjugated H-2Kb-specific mAb, washed, and incubated at 37°C for the indicated times. DCs were then fixed, permeabilized, and counterstained for LAMP-1. Yellow color indicates co-localization of surface-derived H-2Kb (green) with LAMP-1 (red). Data are representative of at least 3 images captured from 2 independent experiments.