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MEL2 mRNA was expressed in male and female germline and parietal cells before meiosis.

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posted on 06.01.2011 by Ken-Ichi Nonomura, Mitsugu Eiguchi, Mutsuko Nakano, Kazuya Takashima, Norio Komeda, Satoshi Fukuchi, Saori Miyazaki, Akio Miyao, Hirohiko Hirochika, Nori Kurata

(A) The initiation stage of archesporial cells. A faint MEL2 signal (blue) appeared at hypodermis of stamen (st) and ovule primordium (op). (B) Early premeiotic mitosis stage. (C) A magnified image of (B). In op, plural hypodermal cells expressed MEL2. (D) The late premeiotic mitosis stage. (E, F) Magnified images of (D). The faint MEL2 signal was observed in female sporogenous cell (fsp) (E). Microsporocytes (msp) strongly expressed MEL2, and parietal layer cells (pl) adhered to msp were also stained (F). (G) No MEL2 signal was detected in and after meiosis. (H) A sense probe as a negative control gave no signal in the same stage with (D). Bars, 100 µm.