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MAP4K4 is expressed in endothelial spindle cells in KS tumours.

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posted on 07.11.2013, 03:29 by Darya A. Haas, Kiran Bala, Guntram Büsche, Magdalena Weidner-Glunde, Susann Santag, Semra Kati, Silvia Gramolelli, Modester Damas, Oliver Dittrich-Breiholz, Michael Kracht, Jessica Rückert, Zoltan Varga, György Keri, Thomas F. Schulz

(A) Subepidermal Kaposi's sarcoma [KS] surrounding and infiltrating a non-neoplastic blood vessel [V]. The tumour cells express CD34 (red; the non-neoplastic endothelial cells of the blood vessel are CD34 positive, too) and nuclear LANA (dark brown), as well as cytoplasmic MAP4K4 (light red; double-staining). (B) Kaposi's sarcoma completely replacing the lymphatic tissue of a lymph node. Nuclear LANA protein expression is observed in 50–70% of tumour cells (dark-brown) and cytoplasmic MAP4K4 expression – in more than 95% of sarcoma cells (brown). (C) Kaposi's sarcoma [KS] partly expressing LANA and infiltrating non-neoplastic subepidermal connective tissue [CT] with a non-neoplastic blood vessel [V]. Strong cytoplasmic MAP4K4 positivity is seen in KS cells, while only weak MAP4K4 expression is present in non-neoplastic endothelial cells [V]. All images are presented in 250× magnification. (D) Summary of MAP4K4 expression in 13 KS biopsies.