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Luminescence in liver and spleen extracts from PbFLlisp2RLef1α infected mice.

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posted on 2015-04-15, 03:59 authored by Mariana De Niz, Susanne Helm, Sebastian Horstmann, Takeshi Annoura, Hernando A. del Portillo, Shahid M. Khan, Volker T. Heussler

The liver and spleen from infected and control Balb/c mice were extracted at various time points, and splenocyte and hepatocyte lysates generated. (A) Cells were probed with renilla or firefly substrates and luminescence values obtained by microplate reader. Luminescence values of spleens and livers of infected mice are shown and were normalized with values of uninfected mice. (B) Luminescence ratios (FL/RL) of liver extracts at various time points post-infection as a measure of lisp2 to ef1α activity ratios.