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Lpg0393 has a Vps9-like domain.

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posted on 2015-03-30, 05:09 authored by Young-Sik Sohn, Ho-Chul Shin, Wei Sun Park, Jianning Ge, Chan-Hee Kim, Bok Luel Lee, Won Do Heo, Jae U. Jung, Daniel John Rigden, Byung-Ha Oh

(A) Structural comparison with the catalytic core of Rabex-5. Four residues important for the GEF activity of Rabex-5 and corresponding Lpg0393 residues are shown in sticks (left) and highlighted (right). Asp313 and Tyr354 are identically conserved in Lpg0393, while Pro317 and Glu351 are substituted by unrelated amino acids. (B) Topological comparison with the catalytic core of Rabex-5. The domain organization is reversed, and the topology of the helical bundle domain is reversed in the two proteins. (C) Structure-based sequence alignment. The N-terminal domain of Lpg0393 and the Vps9 domains of Rabex-5 and Arabidopsis Vps9a are aligned. The secondary structural elements of Lpg0393 and Rabex-5 are shown at the top and bottom of the alignment, respectively. The four highlighted residues in A are indicated by arrows.


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