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Long-term treatment with low dose Vit C and Vit E inhibits SNI-induced neuropathic pain behavior.

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posted on 20.02.2013, 10:54 by Ruirui Lu, Wiebke Kallenborn-Gerhardt, Gerd Geisslinger, Achim Schmidtko

Mice were subjected to SNI surgery and drugs were i.p. (A) or orally (B) administered at the indicated doses once daily for 12 days starting immediately after SNI surgery. Paw withdrawal latency times upon mechanical stimulation are shown. Note that both doses of the Vit C+E combination inhibited the neuropathic pain behavior after i.p. and oral administration. n = 8 per group; *,#significantly different from saline group (p<0.05) for the 3 mg + 1.5 mg combination and the 0.75 mg + 0.375 mg combination, respectively.